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Medical Equipment

Patient Monitor


VIOBIM08 Patient Monitor


• Elegant designed appearance, lightweight and space-saving

• 8.4 inches high resolution color TFT display

• Suitable for adult, pediatric and neonatal patient

• Unique human voice alarm

• Maximum 300-hour graphic and tabular trends;

• 1000 pieces of NIBP record storage

• 1-hour full disclosure information review

• Real time S-T segment analysis, pacemaker detection;

• Wire or wireless (optional) networking;

• Easy upgrading keeps you updated. Up to 8 waveforms  display.

VIOBPM900 Patient Monitor


• Automatic temperature drift treatment of NIBP measuring patented  technology;

• Friendly and configurable user interface;

• Unique voice prompts alarm system;

• High ability Li-ion battery up to 4 hours continuous working;

• Ethernet or wireless(optional) LAN networking;

• Easy upgrading keeps you updated;

• Powerful data review: 720-hour graphic and tabular trends of all parameters

  1000 pieces of NIBP record storage 200 pieces of alarms review

• Anesthetic depth displays: IoC, EEG, EMG, ESR and   trend chart simultaneously

   with alarm function.

VIOBIM12 Patient Monitor


• 12.1 inches high resolution color TFT display

• Optional full touch-screen and writing for easy operation

• Attractive and durable silicon button with backlight

• 20 types of arrhythmia and S-T segment analysis

• Optional 12-lead ECG for easy diagnosis and analysis

• Maximum 480-hour graphic and tabular trends, 1000 NIBP records,

   700 alarm events and 2-hour ECG waveform storage and review

• Large font display, OxyCRG, graphic & tabular trend, bed-bed observation and

   more display mode to satisfy different requirements in clinics care

• Rechargeable Li-ion battery up to 10 hours continuous work

• Drug concentration and titration table calculation

• Anti high-frequency electrotome and defibrillation protection meet different

   working environments;

• USB port enables software upgrades and also supports future keyboard &

   mouse device connection

• Selectable color configuration for all parameters (32 colors)

• VGA output for external display (optional)

• Flexible mounting and trollry solution (optional);

• Wire/wireless network connect to central monitoring system (optional)

• Nurse Call function and bi-directional communication with the central

   monitoring system (optional)

• Support Masimo or Nellcor SpO2 (optional)..



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