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UCP Baby House Project

VIONOVA Join the UCP Baby House Project


The Story


The interaction of people with their built or natural environment is the basis for cognitive development.  It is no different for the residents of the UCP Baby House.  These beautiful people who are disadvantaged by the effects of Cerebral Palsy can enjoy a rewarding and developed life through the guidance of the dedicated staff that runs the facility. It can be said that a measure of a society is how we treat the least fortunate among us.


With this in mind our team has come together, bringing considerable talent and experience, to bear on the possibility of providing a more enriching and satisfying environment to the residents and staff of the UCP Baby House.  To achieve this requires your generous help.


The four areas of concentration for the design of the facility will be: 1. Efficiency of operation affecting the staff and residents. 2. Comfort and livability affecting the residents.  3. Interactivity and Learning with the built environment for the residents. 4. Compatibility between the facility and the surrounding neighborhood.


Please join us in this effort to make a difference where it counts.

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